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Welcome to slo 3D creators

We are your one-stop location for designing, developing and creating 3D objects with a variety of 3D printers and scanners, along with a line of accessory products for the Occitpital Structure Sensor and Apple iPhone.

Latest Technology

We strive to stay ahead of the technology curve to increase performance, accuracy and ease of use.

Fast Workstations

All of our systems are Dell One 2710s, with additional memory and SSDs for faster performance.

Hi-Res 3D Scanning

We can scan small and large objects with our table based laser scanners and Structure Sensor 3D scanner and Next Engine HD.

Professional Software Tools

Our workstations will have the latest software from 3D Coat, Autodesk, Adobe, Trimble, Pixologic and other well known 3D print refinement tools


Decent Pricing

Our prices are very competitive with on-line 3 D print services without the long turnaround times and non-existent support.

Fast Turnaround

Most objects will be ready for pickup withing 24 hours.  For very complex or larger objects can be fabricated 48 - 72 hours depending upon the amount of cleanup and prep.  If you want it delivered we charge a flat low-priced courier fee.

Expert Help

Our staff has over 10 years experience in 3D design and printer technology.

In-depth Training

Come to one of our four hour weekend training classes for beginning and seasoned 3D designers looking to update their skill set.

Our Goals

Our goals have changed over the last year and we have found that your needs are best met with the following:


3D Custom Design


3D Scanning


SLS Color Printing


SLA Resin Printing


FFF/FDM ABS, PLA, Nylon, PET+, Elastic, Carbon-fiber


To create prototypes, creative designs, educational projects, as well as provide consultations to determine if 3D technology is the proper direction to go in producing your project.




Our Prices

$20.00 an hour for PLA or ABS extrusion based printing.


$25.00 an hour for laser stereolithography based printing.


$10.00 flat fee for print clean up and support removal.


$25.00 an hour for custom color painting.


$75.00 an hour for raw 3D scanning. (No clean up and in native file format)


$75.00 an hour for scan conversion & clean up.


$95.00 an hour 3D design, conversion and manipulation.


$35.00 courier service anywhere within SLO county and Santa Maria.


$75.00 an hour for custom training.


150% expedite surcharge for services required in 24 hours.


We carry a variety of  FDM filament materials and  SLA resins for prints and purchase.  See services tab for more details information.

Features & Tech stuff





Dell XPS One 2710

Intel® Core™ i7 processor

Processor: 3rd Gen Intel® Core™ i7-3770S processor (3.1GHz, 8MB cache, up to 3.9GHz with Turbo Boost)


Display: 27" QHD (2560x1440) touch and integrated AV

Memory (RAM): 16GB DDR3

Storage (hard drive): 2TB SATA (7200 RPM, 3Gb/s) with 64 GB SSD cache drive

Optical Drive: DVD+RW


AutoDesk: 123 Design, 123 Catch, 3D print, Meshmixer, Inventor, Inventor Fusion 2013, 3D Studio, and Mudbox.

Pixologic: Zbrush & Skulptris

Rhinoceros: Rhino

Trimble: SketchUp Pro


NerveCenter: Silo 2.2


DAZ 3D: Studio 3D

MakerBot: Makerware

FormLabs: PreForm



NetFabb Profesional


Materialize: Magic


Willit 3D Print



ASUS XtionPRO Lives, Skanect &

Resolution = 10 mm

Large Objects


Occipital Structure Sensor

Resolution = .5 mm

Medium and Large objects


NextEngine SD

Resolution = .127 mm - .381 mm

Small and medium objects


NextEngine HD Pro

Resolution = 0.5 mm - .381 mm


Matter & Form

Resolution = 0.5 mm

Small objects


Makerbot Replicator 2 (PLA)


MakerGear M2 (ABS & PLA)


Ultimaker 2 (ABS & PLA)


Kossel Clear (ABS & PLA)


Form 1 (Specialty UV sensitive  Resin)




3D Systems Zprinter 250 (64 color gypsum based material with adhesive binder)


Your one-stop location for designing, scanning and printing in 3D

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