What is FDM printing?  FDM stands for 'Fused Deposition Modeling' and is also known as FFF or 'Fused Filament Fabrication' which is really a better acronym since the print process works on the principle of pushing a filament made of some type of plastic through a very small hole of (.05 mm) of a very hot piece of metal, akin to pushing glue through a  glue gun and laying the resulting melted strand of plastic on a flay surface.  10s  to 100s of layers are stacked to create the 3D object.  For more information head to this link on  Wikipedia.


What is SLA printing? Stereolithography printing or optical fabrication uses a source of light either from a coherent source at a specific wavelength or a white light source to cure UV sensitive resin.  The  resin is cured or hardened a layer at a time, ranging from .001 mm to .1 mm per layer. Since the light can be controlled more accurately than moving physical part, the detail obtained can be in order of 10  - 20 times better.  However, time to create a print with this process usual takes .75 to 2 times longer than FDM printing. Click here for more info.


How can you use lasers to scan a 3D object? There are a couple of ways to use lasers, one is to use the coherent light and measure the time it take to reach and reflect the object.  Another technique uses the coherent light to form a line on the object and by subtracting the laser line from the RGB image, you can measure the deformation created by the depth of the object.


Is 3D scanning dangerous? The power levels of the laser light is minimal, however it is recommended to never look directly into a laser with the unprotected eye.  However, the type of scanning that is done with the Kinect based technology does not use visible laserer light but a infrared dispersed laser source with a special pattern that is captured with infrared imager.  It is completely safe.  We could scan you with the laser scanner for much more detail, but it will take longer and your eyes would need to remain closed.


Can I move when being scanned? No, you must  remain completely motionless, including that lack of blinking and eye movement.  I suggest anyone who would like to be scanned to relax by taking a few deep breaths and focusing one spot.  Scanning will take about a minute for bust scan.  A full body scan will take two minutes up to five minutes.  If we use the rotating platform, you will need to make sure you look forward, without centering anything in front of you.  This will cause you to continue following the object with your eyes, distorting the textures.


What are your hours of operation? We are no longer open to the public.  Please call or email us to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.


Do you provide student discounts? Sorry, we no longer provide student discounts and may charge an additional expedite charge if a product is required in less than 24 hours.

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